Lodi Baby Boutique Reopens Months after Burglar Cleaned It Out

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LODI — A boutique in Lodi that sells handmade gifts and apparel for babies reopened Thursday, months after a burglar cleaned the store out.

Jennifer Schuyler and her 94-year-old mother have been sewing custom baby clothes for more than a decade, but one night in December, months of hard work and thousands of dollars were gone from their store, Just Baby Gifts & Apparel.

“The burglar had about two minutes to clear the store and they broke in the bottom glass, cleared the glass and left,” Schuyler said. “Took absolutely everything we had made.”

Schuyler says special orders had to be canceled and deposits had to be refunded.

But when she and her mother walked through their shattered glass door, they saw a sign telling them to keep moving forward.

“We had the quilt hanging in here that was made in 1927 by my grandmother and my great-aunt for my father. They didn’t take it. I looked up and I saw daddy’s quilt and I went, ‘Oh, we’re going to be just fine,'” Schuyler said.

What happened next led to a rebirth for Just Baby.

“The outpouring on Facebook when we were burglarized and it was like 24,000 people in a community that doesn’t even know us yet supported us and encouraged us. How can you be upset? Out of every bad thing, something really good comes and it certainly did for us,” she told FOX40.

Thousands of people in Lodi and beyond offered support to help the boutique reopen.

Three months later, Schuyler and her mother have completely renovated, redecorated and revamped their shop and can finally get back to doing what they love most.

“Selling these items is a very joyous, positive thing to do no matter what,” Schuyler said.

Just Baby reopened its brick-and-mortar shop Thursday, but Schuyler also sells goods online at JustBaby.us.


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