Man Behind Modesto’s Shower Shuttles is Working on a Laundry Shuttle for Homeless

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Correction: In the video, Dean Dodd is introduced as the president of “Jesus Loves You Ministries” — the correct name is “WWJD Ministries Inc.”

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MODESTO -- For the hundreds of people in Modesto living in poverty means going without some of life's most basic necessities such as shelter, a shower or even a chore many of us often take for granted like doing laundry.

Dean Dodd, known for his Cleansing Hope shower shuttles, is introducing a laundry shuttle to Modesto's homeless.

"There's a lot of people that are trapped in a broken cycle. A cycle of having to go from one hand out to the next, one clothing closet to the next," Dodd told FOX40.

Many people experiencing homelessness often have to wear the same clothes until they are worn out.

"With the tight budget that our displaced people are working with, if it's $6.50, $7 to do a load of laundry and you still have to factor in eating, maybe sleeping arrangements, it's just not practical," Dodd said. "So, what takes the back burner are your clothing."

Dodd's laundry shuttle is still under construction, but it will feature three energy-efficient washers and dryers. Both the shower shuttles and the laundry shuttle are funded through donations.

"The guests will stay outside of the bus and their only requirement will be to give the clothes to us and we will wash and dry them aboard the bus and then we'll bring back the clothes for them to fold their own laundry before they leave," Dodd said.

The bus will also be equipped with laundry purifiers, the same technology used in hospitals to make sure their laundry is extra clean.

Anytime you have people who aren't practicing regular hygiene there's the possibility for outbreaks, especially with encampments," Dodd told FOX40. "So this is going to keep us ahead of the curve.

The appliance will be able to handle quick washes and heavy-duty loads like blankets and sleeping bags.

"We have stories of people who have used us, used our shower buses as a stepping stone to get employment," Dodd said. "To get their own showers and to get up out of homelessness."

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