MARIPOSA, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – A man from Michigan was rescued in a remote area of Mariposa County after he traveled to the area to investigate the death of a family there 10 months earlier, according to the Mariposa County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies say the unidentified man from Michigan was first reported to dispatch on June 29 in the area of Hites Cove and Savage Lundy Trail. The person making the call said they had first contacted the man the day before – and that he was not from the local area.

According to deputies, the man had traveled from out of state to investigate the deaths of a family who were found dead on the Savage Lundy Trail in August 2021. Their deaths were ruled as hyperthermia (overheating). Officials say the man considered the deaths to be “odd” and wanted to do some personal research on the trail. The man’s rental vehicle was found still parked at the trailhead the next morning and deputies asked for assistance from the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office’s helicopter to help locate the man.

Officials reveal that the man from Michigan was found on the Hites Cove Road portion of the trail and had started the hike in an area that had been marked closed. 911 calls made by the man were not connected, something the Mariposa family who died on the same trail also experienced.

Deputies say the unidentified man was provided with medical attention for his blistered feet and dehydration but left the area in the rental vehicle against medical advice.

Sheriff Jeremy Briese said that it is hard not to be angry about this particular rescue mission.

“We had local, national and international news surrounding the tragic incident last year on the Savage Lundy Trail,” said Sheriff Briese. “Each time we spoke about it we informed the public on ways to stay safe in the area. To have someone purposely put themselves in danger, using vital resources and potentially putting the safety of our staff in danger all to try and prove us wrong, is maddening and quite frankly sickening.”

Sheriff Briese adds that the visitors can use the Mariposa County Sheriff’s Office’s cellphone app to get up-to-date information on local conditions.