Manny Ramirez Pays a Visit to Raley Field



“I’m working, I’m working.”

That was the only word fans and press got from Manny Ramirez Monday night at Raley Field. And while Ramirez may indeed have been working hard on this game, a dozen others in the ranks of Major League Baseball weren’t working at all Monday- suspended for performance enhancing drugs or PED’s.

“It wrecks it. It’s not the real way they play,” said Carson Piper.

Carson and his Dad Bob have been amassing some pretty impressive stats themselves. These guys are fans. And when they come out to Raley field, a home run for them is to get a new autographed baseball.

And if today marks the end of the PED Era in baseball, Bob Piper says it can’t come fast enough.

“There’s always been men cheating in the game. But the drug part? They need to stop that. Steroids are not good,” he said.

Ramirez knows a thing or two about Major League Baseball’s attempt to stop PED’s. At 41, he’s been suspended twice, and played ball for the River Cats in 2012 on an effort to work his way back into the majors.

But Monday he was at Raley Field for the other guys; batting for Round Rock out of Texas.

In the third inning, fans got a show- a shot deep into center off Ramirez’s bat. Manny tried to leg-it-out, but was called out at third instead.

It was an honest effort, if not a performance enhanced one.


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