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A Sacramento man says his car was stolen early Thursday afternoon, and his wife’s ashes were in the back seat.

The California Highway Patrol reports that 80-year-old Melvin Hayes stopped at the Premier Car Wash on Orchard Loop Drive and Power Inn Road while on his way to get his wife’s ashes blessed.

Hayes reported that a woman approached him and started a conversation. Investigators say the car wash attendant mistakenly released Hayes’ car to the woman, thinking the two were at the business together.

The woman drove off, with the ashes of Hayes’ wife in the back seat.

Investigators say the woman is described as a short, heavyset Black woman in her 40’s.

Hayes’ car is a red 2011 Ford Fusion with California plate number 6ROC306. Anyone with information about where the car or urn are should call Highway Patrol at (916) 681-2300.