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MANTECA — With a slight limp, a prowler is seen on surveillance around midnight on Sept. 7, making off with something in his hand.

“I need to protect my family. I’m not safe in my own home. I have cameras, I have an alarm,” homeowner Gurlijit Singh said.

Singh believes the man left with one of his solar lights.

He says he called police when he noticed they were missing, which was hours later, and says he was happy with the response.

But just this past Thursday — this time with a beer and a leather jacket — another intruder.

“I’m feeling shocked because I see the video of that same guy,” Singh said.

This time he’s face to face with this stranger. He called police again and different officers respond.

“He didn’t even want to listen to me,” Singh said.

Singh says the officers questioned him and the stranger, and ended up letting the man go.

“Someone was on my property,” Singh said. “I called the police and they just release him.”

While FOX40 was at Singh’s home on Friday, two officers arrived to follow up.

He and his neighbors questioned why it didn’t happen sooner.

“It’s really aggravating because it should have been done last night,” neighbor Ruth Collins said.

Manteca Police Officer Steve Beermann says the officers did what they could.

“The laws are written as such, that trespassing just on his driveway would require refusal to leave,” Beermann said. “There’s no video or nobody that saw the actual person that was doing the trespassing take the lawn lights.”

The stranger’s beer can has been left untouched. Singh wants to save it as evidence.

But for his family who lives here, who he has promised to protect, he can’t help but feel vulnerable.