Manteca Police Release Body Cam Footage of Homeless Beating

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Manteca Police released body camera footage Thursday, saying the beating of a homeless man last week was justified.

Robert Olvera, 48, say he was brutally beaten by police officers for no reason, but Manteca Police Chief Nick Obligacion says the body camera footage of the incident points out glaring inconsistencies in Olvera’s story.

Olvera had been sleeping behind the Showtime Express carwash when Officer Ben Cromwell ordered him to get up and leave. Police say Olvera refused those orders, forcing Ofc. Cromwell to act.

The clip, lasting more than five minutes, shows Cromwell repeatedly hitting Olvera and, at one point, even using a Taser.

Olvera told FOX40 Wednesday night that two officers attacked him, when the video only shows one. He also claimed that Cromwell never identified himself as an officer, which, in the video, Cromwell does right off the bat.

Olvera was severely injured that night, and says the officer went overboard.

“I do not touch officers. I am not like that,” he said.

Chief Obligacion claims that he did.

“Mr. Olvera had a hold to his testicles if he released after the first one, it would have ended there, he continued to grab his testicles,” Obligacion said. Obligacion added that if Olvera had simply complied, the “confrontation could have been avoided.”

Still, Olvera says the punishment did not fit the crime.

“I can’t believe someone would do that to me,” he said.

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