Mayor’s Pie Assailant: ‘I Wouldn’t Do It Again’

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SACRAMENTO — The man charged with shoving a pie in the face of Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson says he wants to clarify his earlier statements that he would do it again.

“What I meant is, I wouldn’t take it back, but I wouldn’t go out and do it again, no,” says defendant Sean Thompson.

Thompson made his second court appearance Tuesday morning – a continuation of his arraignment that began last Friday – he has yet to enter a plea and faces multiple charges for shoving a pie in the face of Johnson at a public event last Wednesday.

During the altercation witnesses say the mayor repeatedly punched Thompson in the face, Johnson has said publicly and that he was doing so in self-defense.

Thompson’s attorney, Claire White, is working the case pro bono, representing a law firm out of a Vallejo.

After reports surfaced that Thompson and his legal team would be seeking a civil suit for the punches he received from the mayor, White said it’s too early to determine if that will go forward.

“That’s still something that is on the table, we’re not gonna file that today or anything, but there are still many witnesses to talk to who were at the event,” says White

Thompson is scheduled to be in court again on October 20 for the start of his preliminary trial.

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