McKinley Village Critics Want Revised Traffic Plan

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With one week left until the city council votes on the McKinley Village project, concerned citizens packed  the Clunie Community Center to hear what their council members had to say.

​”T​the neighbors here care for the area​.​ W​e don’t want to see i​t destroyed. ​There are ways to put smart growth in​.​ Smart growth is good​, but this is not smart growth​,” neighbor Ellen Cochrane said.

Cochrane is the former president of the East Sacramento Preservation Group. It is one of five other community groups who formed a coalition for the McKinley Village Project. Their mission: to send a message in one, strong voice, to the developers of the 335 unit home project.

​”​We want a better project. We need access at A​lhambra ​Boulevard,” neighbor Heather Sullivan said.

Sullivan says Alhambra Boulevard is the only natural thoroughfare that would easily route traffic ​into and out of the development. Without a tunnel access point at Alhambra, Sullivan says, 3500 extra car trips will be funneled through 28th Street and 40th Street every day.

​”Ri​ght now, it is going to have more detriment than benefit, w​hich is why so many groups are working so hard to oppose it as proposed​,” Anthony Donoghue said.

Tonight’s community meeting was led by council member Steve Cohn, with brief speeches by a few community group leaders.

“I say don’t let the glossy pictures fool you​,” Norris said.

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