Modesto Officer Bitten by Police K-9

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MODESTO — The Modesto Police Department confirmed Thursday that one of its officers was bitten by one of its K-9 dogs Monday.

Police say the incident happened while officers responded to an armed man who had barricaded himself in a convenience store at Maze and Martin Luther King Boulevard.

Department spokesperson Heather Graves told FOX40 the K-9, Riko, hadn’t displayed that type of behavior before.

“Our dogs are very much into our community. They go out to community events and deal with children,” Graves said.

She added that Riko was in a “heightened state” because the mood at the standoff was so tense. Riko is now on suspension.

Abraham Castillo has a friend who works at the convenience store. Castillo got surveillance video of what happened and shared it on his Facebook profile.

“Just something other people had to see, you know? Not just keep it to myself,” Castillo said. “I thought it was pretty crazy. I thought it was like why would the dog actually bite its own officer?”

Another man who saw the video was just as shocked.

“I thought it was really crazy because, well, I thought K-9s were supposed to be trained not to attack an officer,” Jose Madrigal said.

In the video, you can see a male officer with his gun drawn behind the door of a patrol car. Then, a female officer who is in the front passenger seat steps in front of him, using her arm to maneuver around him when, for some unknown reason, Riko bites.

The handler and another officer had to pull Riko off the woman’s arm.

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