Moms, Kids Take to Capitol to Tackle ‘Digital Addiction’

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SACRAMENTO — Families from around California took to the State Capitol steps Monday morning to ask legislators to focus on issues important to children.

Monday’s rally was a bit different than others you typically see on the north steps of the Capitol building and it’s because of the people leading the march — children.

Cheyenne Smith is 11 years old. She wants to see a major change in her school’s cafeteria. It’s not a change to the menu but the cost to eat a meal.

“They shouldn’t have to pay because I had a recent friend that couldn’t get their food and she had to take food home,” Smith said.

Smith and siblings joined MomsRising and Common Sense Kids Action for a morning of marching and speaking with legislators.

“With everything happening in the country, we’ve heard from families that they want to get kids an opportunity to raise their voices and get introduced to activism and advocacy in a way that they can relate to,” MomsRising spokeswoman Donna Cullinan said.

Kids spent time with a quick breakfast and colored signs before the start of the march.

Common Sense Kids Action told FOX40 News they are focusing on Assembly Bill 2662. It’s a bill by Assemblyman Ed Chau that would create a program to support research on digital addiction and its impact on health.

Meghan Robertson, 16, came up from Southern California to express her views on the issue.

“We use it in a way that’s obviously not the best and so just finding more ways and research to make it better and make it of better use,” she said.

Whatever the issue is, simple or complex, moms like Lisa Sherill hope the march can inspire kids to speak up, including her 2-year-old son Gresham.

“I believe advocacy is important,” she said. “I think we need to be able to speak up and so I would like him to one day. So starting now I think is a good place to start.”

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