Mother Separated from Two Kids at Light Rail Station

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This mother has her own car. She doesn’t need the light rail train, but after riding it she’s telling everyone with small children not to get on it until it’s fixed.

She thought taking her kids on the light rail train would be fun. But, it proved to be just the opposite.

“It just absolutely my worst nightmare I could ever think of,” said Melanie McLelland.

McLelland says she got separated from her kids, ages 3 and 5, when she placed them on the platform and returned to the train to get her fifty-pound double stroller.

“I walked back into the train. As I turned around the doors closed and the train just instantaneously starting going,” McLelland said.

McLelland says she followed the rules when she took her kids out of the stroller, but says there was no time to return to get it and no warning the train was taking off.

“I started screaming my babies, my babies, and I’m banging on the window,” McLelland said.

Her children also started screaming.

“He was in his car reading his bible. He heard them screaming and came and sat with them,” said McLelland.

McLelland says she had the time of her life getting off the train. Once she did, she ran to a nearby fire station for help and kept running for her children.

“They need a video system. They need a system so that the conductor need to be watching that to a make sure everyone is out safely,” McLelland said.

Fortunately, everyone is safe, but McLelland is still furious, saying she’ll never ride the light rail train again.

“It is a broken system. I work with systems all the time and something is broken. It needs to get fixed,” said McLelland.


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