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Sources confirmed to FOX40 that the 13-year-old Green Valley Middle School student, identified by friends as Genelle Conway-Allen, was strangled to death.

“She was really pretty. She could sing great. And she had the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen,” a friend of Conway-Allen’s said.

But no one will ever hear her voice or see those big blue eyes again.

“She looked like a mannequin,” said Eric May.

May was the person who found Genelle early Friday. She was lying face down and stripped of all her clothes on a cement median near the Woolner Avenue side of Allan Witt Park early Friday.

“I got closer and closer. And the closer I got to her, the more it became real. And then I got right up to her, and I realized that was a human body. And it made me sick,” May said. “I tried to wake her up. I did. Absolutely. Look, I got three layers of clothes on. I know how to survive the cold. I was ready to take my outer clothes off and give it to her.”

Saturday, mourners like Kayla Silva paid respects with candles, balloons and stuffed animals.

“To see something like that happen like this, that happened so close, it hurts and it disturbs me,” Silva said.

And moms like Tiffany Hawkins shared the pain.

“You can’t even call them humans. For anyone who can do anything like this to anybody. It’s horrible,” Hawkins said.

Investigators won’t announce for six weeks whether the teen was sexually assaulted.

All detectives have to go on is a vehicle captured that a nearby business caught on surveillance video.

May hopes the killer has a guilty conscience.

“Please turn yourself in. Turn yourself in, don’t make it worse. You have a chance to make this thing right.”