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(KTVX) – A report that could be released as early as June could detail “difficult to explain” UFO sightings, a top Pentagon official says.

During a Friday interview with Fox News, John Ratcliffe, the top intelligence official under former President Donald Trump, explained that the forthcoming report will outline “a lot more sightings than have been made public.”

“Some of those have been declassified,” Ratcliffe said during the interview.

In April 2020, the Pentagon officially released three short videos showing “unidentified aerial phenomena.” This came months after the U.S. Navy acknowledged that those videos appearing to show UFOs flying through the air are legitimate.

“When we’re talking about sightings, we’re talking about objects that have been seen by Navy or Air Force pilots that have been picked up by satellite imagery that frankly engage in actions that are difficult to explain,” Ratcliffe said. “Movements that are hard to replicate, that we don’t have the technology for, or traveling at speeds that, you know, that exceed the sound barrier without a sonic boom.”

Ratcliffe says they wanted to declassify the report during his time, but they were unable to get all of the information ready.

“We always look for an explanation,” he explains about the sightings. “Weather can cause disturbances, visual disturbances. Sometimes we wonder whether or not our adversaries have techonologies that are a little bit further down the road than we thought or that we realized. But there are instances where we don’t have good explanations for some of the things that we’ve seen.”

According to Ratcliffe, the sightings have been seen all around the world, with most being detected by more than just a pilot or one individual.

The Pentagon report is expected to be released in June.

The previously declassified videos of UFOs, which you can watch below, show the aircraft flying at an alarming rate and performing unseemingly difficult manuevers.