(FOX40.COM) — Nangka officially has a new home. The Sacramento Zoo said in a social media post that Nangka, the young orangutan that has been cared for by the zoo since his birth, has arrived safely in Atlanta.
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According to the Sacramento Zoo, the primate will have an opportunity to live with a group of orangutans and be raised by an orangutan foster mother named Madu at Zoo Atlanta,

An image of Nangka, an endangered orangutan born at the Sacramento Zoo. (Image Credit: Sacramento Zoo)

Janine Steele, primate lead at Zoo Atlanta, said, “We are thrilled that Nangka will be able to grow up with Madu and the rest of the Zoo Atlanta group.”

She continued, “Since his birth, dozens of dedicated people from across the Sac Zoo’s team of staff and volunteers have contributed to Nangka’s success…Now we are so pleased that the team at Zoo Atlanta, including Madu, will now carry out that care.”

The Sacramento Zoo explained Nangka’s move in a lengthy social media post, which cited his mother’s inability to “display the necessary maternal skills and care” as a primary reason for sending Nangka to Atlanta.

[Nangka’s] mother, Indah, is a sweet and playful first-time mother who, when reintroduced to Nangka, engaged with him more similarly to that of a playmate. Despite many years of advanced training building up to her eventual motherhood, Indah didn’t display the necessary maternal skills and care, such as nursing and attending to the infant’s cries. For orangutans, maternal skills are a behavior learned by observing and being part of a group – Indah simply has more to learn.

Sacramento Zoo

The zoo went into further detail on the importance of infant orangutans receiving their upbringing from other orangutans, saying that it is essential to their development of crucial skills.

“In the wild, these skills include knowledge of climbing safety, appropriate predator avoidance behaviors, the ability to identify and remember the locations of fruit trees, and the ability to discern the appropriateness of certain fruits and other foods,” the zoo wrote.

The Sacramento Zoo affirmed that Nangka’s new foster mother, Madu, has a phenomenal track record for adopting infants in similar situations to Nangka, confirming that he will be in good hands.

“With her four previous adopted infants, Madu was trained to bring an infant forward to receive regular bottle feedings from human caregivers, providing all other aspects of maternal care herself,” the zoo added.

Zoo Atlanta said it is home to one of North America’s largest populations of orangutans and will update its social media accounts when guests will be able to see its newest arrival.