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(WFLA) — An Alabama deputy faced an unusual obstacle last week when he found that his patrol car had been taken over by goats, and it was all caught on camera.

Deputy Casey Thrower in Madison County was serving civil papers Friday morning when some hungry goats decided to check to see if there was anything to eat in his vehicle.

“Get out of there!” Thrower said after finding the goats. “Are you kidding me?”

According to the sheriff’s office, Thrower sometimes leaves his patrol vehicle open in case he has to run from dogs.

This time instead of dogs, he found a couple of hungry goats munching on the paperwork in his vehicle.

“Quit eating that! Get out of here!” Thrower shouted as he tried to scare the goats. Video shows one goat inside the vehicle and a smaller one traipsing around on top of the car.

Eventually, he managed to get the goats off his vehicle. The sheriff’s office shared the video to make people laugh.

“Deputy Thrower has been serving the citizens of Madison County for about 40 years and is considered one of our G.O.A.T deputies,” the sheriff’s office said. “We got a huge kick out of this today and hope it brought a smile to your face as well.”

According to, goats are herbivores, with grass being their favorite food. However, they typically feed on such things as shrubs, woody plants, weeds and briars as well.

“Many domestic goats will also eat trash, house plants or any other items they find lying around,” the publication stated.

Perhaps that’s how goats — with their four-compartment stomachs — got their reputation for eating any and everything.