Bear in tree outside North Carolina hospital lured down with jelly doughnuts

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RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — A young American black bear that temporarily made its home in a tree at UNC REX Healthcare in North Carolina was lured down with jelly doughnuts on Wednesday morning, according to Raleigh police.

The bear sat in a tree all day on Tuesday after likely crawling up overnight, officials said.

On Tuesday night, crews laid out jelly doughnuts and sardines in hopes the bear would come down from the tree and leave. The plan worked as the bear climbed down around midnight, ate some of the jelly doughnuts and then left the hospital.

The hospital remained open all day Tuesday as UNC Health said there was no threat to the public.

“I was telling someone earlier, at least it’s not a cobra,” said Karen Alexander, a hospital visitor.

She and other patients, along with health care workers, looked into a far-off tree, hoping they could catch a glimpse.

“[It let us] take our minds off everything we’ve been going through. I like the bear,” said Kevin Evans.

It’s not an animal people expect to see in such a busy, high-traffic area.

The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission said this is the time of year male cubs leave their mothers, so it is not uncommon to see black bears moving around wooded areas.

Brad Howard, chief of the North Carolina Wildlife Management Division, said the bear found its way into the tree on its own so it can find its way back to the woods on its own. There were no plans for a tranquilizer or forced removal, and it turned out to be unnecessary anyway.

“He’s up there wondering, ‘Oh my, what did I get myself into?’ And so his thinking right now is, ‘How can I get out of here safely?'” Howard said.

The wildlife resources commission said the bear was not an aggressive animal.

“He absolutely is not a threat in my opinion,” Greg Batts, a wildlife biologist with the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, said Tuesday afternoon. “He is frightened. He wants out of town as badly as everybody watching wants him out of town. I can guarantee you that.”  

It’s not the first black bear spotted in the area. Bears were also spotted in neighborhoods around North Hills and northwest Raleigh in June.

“Was it the same bear? Very well could have been. It’s just as likely that it’s a totally different one,” Howard said.

Police said there were no issues after the bear climbed down, enjoyed his treat and left.

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