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SACRAMENTO – A documentary titled “Asylum Seekers: Moria” had its viewing on Wednesday at the Sol Collective in Sacramento.

“Asylum Seekers: Moria,” according to a press release, “is a documentary film exposing the inhumanity surrounding the refugee crisis in Europe, highlighting one of the worst refugee camps in the EU, Moria.”

Two investigative journalists, one from California and the other from the Netherlands, say they embedded themselves in the Moria refugee camp and “shot undercover video the world has never seen.”

Director and writer of the documentary, Anne Di Grazia, is a Turlock native and former Sacramento TV reporter. Irene Hollebrandse co-produced and co-wrote the pair’s project.

Grazia and Hollebrandse’s vision for the documentary “was to create a storyline where anyone watching anywhere in the world would be able to relate to at least one person in the film. The kinship between the characters and the audience was of utmost importance to the narrative trajectory because we aim to create tension, which we believe will stir up social change.”

The pair say that the project is self-funded and is currently in post-production while they continue raising funds.

If you would like more information, please visits their website by clicking here.