Local Activists, Former Law Enforcement Weigh in on Baltimore Events

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The decision to charge six Baltimore Police officers in the death of Freddie Gray is sparking reaction from coast to coast.

“She’s got her work cut out for her.  I don’t envy her, but I respect her,” said former Sacramento Sheriff, John McGinness.

McGinness calls Baltimore state Attorney Marilyn Mosby’s decision bold and ambitious.

The charges include second degree murder and manslaughter.

“My sense is that she’s reasonably confident–I would say, quite confident–that she has a winnable case from a prosecutorial standpoint. That is a very high standard,” McGinness said.

Gray’s death was ruled a homicide but little information has been released to the public.

Still, crowds that spent weeks protesting in Baltimore cheered upon hearing the news.  Some activists in Sacramento are in solidarity with them.

“I just want to say congratulations to the people of Baltimore for standing up for what they knew was right,” said Christina Arechiga, regional director of the National Association Against Police Brutality.

Arechiga has been advocating against police brutality since her cousin was killed by Manteca police officers in 2011.  She’s on a mission to prevent the police violence seen in other cities, from happening here.

“It’s not just Ferguson. It’s not just Baltimore. It’s happening all over the U.S.,” Arechiga said.

“Fighting for change, peacefully.” That’s what Mosby is encouraging the people of Baltimore to do.

“Let’s ensure that we have peaceful and productive rallies that will develop structural and systemic changes for generations to come,” said Mosby.

As the public continues wondering what really happened to Freddie Gray, the fate of six Baltimore police officers now lies in the hands of the justice system.

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