METAMORA, Ill. (WMBD) — One Metamora, Illinois man took playing in the snow to a whole new level.

Fred Schrepfer is a concrete contractor with an art background, and he turned his front yard into an exhibit, featuring his latest snow creature, The Snowasaurus.

“the Snowasaurus,” made by Fred Schrepfer in Metamora, Ill. Photo by Annie Kate.

“Since we got that big snow there a week or two ago, I thought, I haven’t done a snow creature there for a while,” Schrepfer said.

After posting his masterpiece on Facebook, people near and far are visiting Metamora to see the painted snow sculpture.

“It’s awesome, I mean, it is such a great way to make this cold winter day fun,” said Metamora resident Debi Parks.

Schrepfer said he enjoys the community members that come out to see Brandon as much as he enjoyed building it.

“I love the Lord’s creation. And I love to create and just have a lot of fun,” he said.