September 24 2021 03:30 pm

Perseids meteor shower to peak this week. Here’s how to see it

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — One of the best meteor showers of the year will take place this week and you will have three opportunities to see it.

The Perseids meteor shower will peak on the mornings of August 11, 12 and 13. You may be able to see the streaks in the sky as early as the mid-evening but you will need to be away from bright city lights.

The rate of meteors that can be seen in the sky can reach up to 60 miles-per-hour and can best be seen in the northern hemisphere. The shower happens every year.

NASA’S offers Perseids viewing on its social media pages. You can find links to those as well as other Perseids information at this link.

The Perseid shower consists of small specks of ice and dust that come from the tail of Comet Swift-Tuttle. The comet was discovered in 1862.

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