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SAN DIEGO — A stranger’s simple act of kindness on board a plane recently is touching hearts across the internet.

Megan Schofield was so moved by what she saw during the flight that she decided to write about it on Facebook.

She said a 96-year-old woman named Virginia was on her way to visit family in Missouri.

While excited to see them for her birthday, she was also scared because she hadn’t flown in 15 years.

Before take off, she asked the man sitting next to her if she could hold his hand.

He happily obliged and comforted her the entire flight, even talking her through the turbulence they experienced.

Schofield said once they landed, he helped Virginia off the plane and into the wheelchair.

He then stayed with her until she found her daughter at the airport.

“I walked away sobbing happy tears being so thankful for people like this wonderful human,” Schofield wrote. “She was so grateful that she wanted him to have her flight pretzels.”

She said the man, who has since been identified as Ben, truly was Virginia’s “flight angel.”