Police: 80-Year-Old Woman Raped, Beaten, Shot in Las Vegas Home

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LAS VEGAS , NV (KVVU) — An elderly woman was severely beaten, shot and raped during a home invasion in a historic Huntridge Park neighborhood.

Las Vegas Metro police said they originally responded to a report of a home invasion at the woman’s home, near Maryland Parkway and Charleston Boulevard on July 1. The woman, identified as Shevaun, was found and taken to University Medical Center where she was treated for serious injuries including multiple bruises, lacerations and a gunshot wound to her face, police said.

Shevaun has lived in her home for more than 20 years. Sunday morning she says she woke up and someone was in her home.

“I looked toward my door and there was a man standing there in a hat naked,” she said. “He said, ‘I’m going to rape you then I’m going to have to kill you.'”

Police said Herbert Rogers, 53, was arrested in connection to the crime on July 2.

Rogers was booked into the Clark County Detention Center on multiple charges including attempted murder, sexual assault, battery, kidnapping and burglary.

Shevaun said she didn’t know the man who attacked her but said she was told he lived at Huntridge Circle Park, which is near where she lives. Shevaun said over the past few months more and more homeless people have been living there. When Metro comes to kick them out at night, they go into the nearby homes and neighborhoods.

“I asked him, ‘where do you live?'” He said, ‘I live here now’,” Shevaun said.

For more than an hour Rogers ransacked her home and terrified her. She said she tried to talk to him to keep him calm and when he asked for money she gave him $50.

“He had tattoos all over his arms and right here he had a pretty girl’s face,” she said pointing to her upper arm. “I said to him, ‘Is that your girlfriend?’ She’s very pretty.”

Shevaun says Rogers stood over her with a screw driver and went room to room but would come back to make sure she hadn’t moved. She said he told her multiple times he would kill her.

“I got up and headed toward the front door and then he tackled me and said ‘get back on the couch,’” she said.

As Shevaun crawled back up on the couch, she remembered she had a gun from her father hidden.

“I had a 1948 [gun]. I’ve never shot it but I kept it in the couch. Then I pulled out that little gun out he came running and then he grabbed it from me,” she says.

Shevaun sat there as she says Rogers packed up boxes of stuff including her wallet, purse, the gun and even her eye glasses. Then he started heading for the door and she prayed it would be over.

“He started going for the door and I thought he was leaving, then he turned right around with that gun and went straight for my forehead. I have six stitches here and here,” she said as she pointed at her eyebrow and eyelid. “I was sitting and he shot me; it went in here and out here.”

Shevaun called police and spent three days in the hospital. That’s where Metro Police came to her and asked Shevaun to identify who attacked her. She said she remembered the man’s tattoos and identified Herbert Rogers as her attacker.

Derek Stonebarger has been helping Shevaun as she recovers. They both live near Huntridge Circle Park and said it’s getting out of hand.

“He is going to hell!,” Stonebarger said. “Circle Park is like a break room for criminals. They get food, water, they have air-conditioning in the bathrooms and grass to lay on, then they come and rob our homes.”

People living and working near Huntridge Circle Park said Rogers either lived or frequented the park almost every day before his arrest.

Shevaun is out of the hospital and recovering. She said she’s not really sore and is doing okay. She said what’s the most difficult thing right now is thinking about being all alone in her home again. Shevaun said she doesn’t want money or a GoFundMe. Instead, she wants people to donate to the animal foundation in her name or write a letter to city council to ask them to do something about Huntridge Circle Park.

“I always knew she was a bad ass, but I mean this is just a whole other level,” Stonebarger said. “I just hope I can live to be as great a person as she is.”

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