JACKSON COUNTY, Ore. (KTXL) — The skeletal remains of a man who was from Yuba City were found in Oregon after he went missing back in 2020.

Investigators from Jackson County, Oregon, said a man walking his dog along a trail outside of Medford found the remains Jan. 10.

A search and rescue ground team, along with human remains detection dogs, recovered the body. The sheriff’s office said the remains were in an “advanced stage of decomposition” when they were discovered.

Dental records and a physical examination identified the remains as belonging to 33-year-old Armando Leigh Soto, who was originally from Yuba City and had moved to Medford, Oregon, in 2015.

According to state missing persons records, the last time anyone had contact with Soto was on June 21, 2020.

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office said an autopsy revealed Soto’s body did not sustain any apparent injuries or trauma before he died and there were no indications of suspicious circumstances surrounding his death. How he died, however, has not been determined.

The details surrounding Soto’s disappearance are also unknown.