Sonic Boom Rocks the East Coast

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(CNN) — Whoa! What was that? A loud boom followed by tremors were reported from southern New Jersey all the way to Long Island, New York at around 1:30 p.m. eastern time Thursday.

The United States Geological Survey confirmed a sonic boom hit just northeast of Hammonton, New Jersey.

A sonic boom travels through the air with an airplane after it passes the sound barrier, so it arrives at different ground locations at different times, according to the USGS.

Many people took to social media to post their concerns as to what just happened sparking the hashtag #boomgate and many images of Godzilla.

One user was able to record his garage door shaking during one of the sonic boom.

State and local police were quick to inform the public they were investigating the cause and asked the public not to call 911.

The cause of the sonic boom has yet to be determined.

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