Nearby Grass Fire Leaves Rancho Cordova Neighbors on Edge

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RANCHO CORDOVA — Some Rancho Cordova neighbors had a fire scare over the weekend, almost two years after a different grass fire tore through the area.

It’s been nearly two years since Stephen Brand and his neighbors in a southeastern Rancho Cordova community came within feet of a raging grass fire. It was a Sunday in June and very windy.

Embers landed on Brand’s seat cushions outside his home and the marks are still visible.

Then, this past Sunday, there was another grass fire nearby Brand’s home.

“They seemed to get it under control really fast. I was thankful for that,” he told FOX40.

The most recent grass fire burned around 5 acres.

Sacramento Metropolitan Fire Capt. Chris Vestal said just because we had a late wet season, doesn’t mean moisture is still present in what firefighters call “fire fuels.”

“These types of fuels don’t retain moisture very well. So we call it one-hour, five-hour, 10-hour fuels,” Vestal explained.

Another neighbor said while the city has put up notices telling the property owners to weed the grasses, he is not impressed with the job. Some grasses were still feet tall Tuesday. He wonders if the grasses were cut more thoroughly, maybe Sunday’s fire wouldn’t have burned what it did.

“Who knows how much that cost to put out the fire. They had helicopters out here,” said resident Chris Gardner.


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