Neighbors Concerned After Prostitution Bust at Roseville Apartment Complex

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ROSEVILLE — Just steps away from where children play, and up one flight of stairs, Roseville police say three prostitutes were servicing johns out of their luxury apartment at the Terraces at Highland Reserve.

“My son is 5 and I’ve got two girls, so that makes me a little leery, something like that happening so close to home,” said neighbor Angela Van Diest.

Van Diest lives just to the left and one floor down from the suspected scene of the crime, what investigators call a house of ill fame.

“That just makes me a little more leery about letting my kids go outside,” she said.

“I used to see a lot of foot traffic,” said one man, who wanted to remain anonymous.

He lives in a unit that faces the apartment in question, number 2221. He says if outside, Van Diest’s kids might have easily run into men looking for sex.

“Used to be all type of dudes. All type of days and nights. Just traffic everywhere, just one after the other,” he said.

The oddest thing he saw?

“They would knock on the door and they would wait at the bottom of the staircase, and I just thought that that was weird. Like, if you’re knocking then why go all the way back down the stairs?” he said.

Perhaps some kind of instruction from the online ads, police say 52-year-old Juni Jira Muangnart, 40-year-old Bunyaporn Kumpo and 39-year-old Wisa Khutchon posted to attract clients.

Police aren’t releasing their mugshots because their probe is still active.

“We are investigating to see if there was anybody else who was profiting from this operation,” said DeeDee Gunther with the Roseville Police Department.

Officers were led to the apartment thanks to tip calls from neighbors who felt what they were seeing over the last three months just wasn’t right.

“We’re very, very appreciative of the residents who saw something suspicious and gave us a call,” Gunther said.

Engaged community members who didn’t let fear get in the way.

The women have been released from jail.

And by our check and neighbor accounts, it appears they’ve left the apartment, leaving behind many concerns.

“I moved out of you know lower-income areas so I wouldn’t have to deal with that type of activity, just to have it right next door makes me wonder, ‘What am I paying for?'” the man said.

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