Neighbors Get Creative to Keep Street Safe

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The sign reads, “Photo Enforced.”

“It does rotate, so somebody might be monitoring it,” Sacramento midtown Justin Hendrix said.

“It’s just really as a deterrent,” said Darrin Heiden, who explained the reason why his neighbors put up the bogus sign, along with a fake camera, two days ago. “If you live in the neighborhood, then you have responsibility also, as well as the city, to take care of it.”

And residents on the midtown street are taking care of their block. They’re fed up with cars speeding down their street.

“I approve just ‘cause, you know, a lot of people run this little sign right here,” Hendrix said, making reference to the “Do Not Enter” sign. Drivers ignore the sign by driving around it and continuing down the street.

“As they come straight through, they also speed up,” Heiden added.

“I appreciate the sign just basically because crossing the street, you meet a lot of people just driving by crazy, especially late at night,” Hendrix said.

But the residents behind the sign, trying to stop law-breaking drivers, are breaking the law themselves.

“There’s a process and procedure in place and people should follow those procedures,” California Highway Patrol Ofc. Adrian Quintero said.  “They could be cited. There’s a fine amount.”

“It’s not really about the fine, or catching people. It’s about stopping them because of safety,” Heiden said.  “There’s kids on the block…. Also the homeowners that have dogs.”

Hendrix walks his pitbull, Leelou, down that path every day.

“Walking the dog is kinda a nice thing to have, someone to stop ‘em , basically,” he said.

But cops say they’re the ones who should do the stopping.

“Just let us know what’s going on. A lot of the times, we have no idea what’s going on,” Quintero said. “We’ll get out there and we’ll enforce these laws and make sure people are obeying these laws.”

But those who live there, know getting a sign up legally won’t happen overnight.

“That’s understandable as well. Obviously it takes time to get these types of things addressed, “ the officer said. He hopes residents will work with police. And those who put the sign up, really won’t get into trouble.

“We just have them remove the signs,” Quintero added.

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