Neighbors Upset Sex Offender May Move to Marysville

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MARYSVILLE -- It's the kind of place where you can almost hear the walnuts grow.

But, one normally quiet street in Marysville is loud with frustration these days, now that neighbors know their street - Ellis Street - may be the new home of released sex offender Fraisure Smith.

"I'm pissed," shouted former Yuba County supervisor Don Schraeder.

Neighbor Daniel Aguirre says he would consider moving out if Smith moves in.

"It's up to the wife..probably."

When asked about packing up, his wife Paula said, "I don't know if we can sell our house at this point. I will do everything in my power to fight that he doesn't come."

It's a scenario - with those same resulting sentiments - that's already played out in Vallejo and Dixon, as the state has searched to find a suitable living situation for the 52-year-old Smith, who's committed five sexual assaults in 15 years.

After time behind bars, the convicted predator was sent to an intensive therapy program at a psychiatric hospital.

He was released from that program in the fall, deemed ready to return to the world.

Ellis Street homeowner Joel Garcia says "no."

"(I'm) very mad ... very mad."

Garcia has Evan and Emma at home, a teen and tween just old enough to be trusted to be left home alone - sometimes - but they won't get to master that kind of responsibility if Smith moves in.

"We'd have to take them with us ... can't leave them here," said Garcia.

The big concern for one neighbor who was too afraid to have his face shown is area school children.

"The bus stop is down there at the highway.. That's where they're proposing I guess to put him in down there."

A school bus drops kids off and picks them up right in front of the house where they could possibly relocate sex offender Smith.

"I'm upset. I don't want to have to lock my doors. I don't want to have a predator living next to me and not be able to sleep every night," said Kathy Messick.

Right now 647 Ellis Street is just a potential placement site for Smith.

Though they were unavailable for comment Thursday, Yuba County's sheriff and District Attorney have announced they intend to formally oppose the state's plan during a hearing on July 21.

"I just don't feel safe. I don't want anyone like that in our neighborhood at all," said Paula Aguirre.

Neighbors along Ellis street tell FOX40 that the 900-square-foot home Smith might move into is owned by a former employee of the state's parole and probation system who has since moved to Florida.

They claim California would be paying her $3,500 a month to her for rent.

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