New Allegations in Luke Walton Sexual Assault Lawsuit

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SACRAMENTO — A new complaint has been filed in the sexual assault lawsuit against Sacramento Kings head coach Luke Walton.

Walton is now facing new allegations after the woman who originally filed that lawsuit added a complaint to the lawsuit previously filed in April.

Kelli Tennant, a former broadcaster out of Los Angeles who filed the lawsuit, claims Walton forced himself on her in a hotel room.

Legal documents alleged the assault happened in a Santa Monica hotel back when Walton was coaching for the Golden State Warriors in 2014.

The woman claims he pinned her to the bed and then forcibly kissed her, groped her repeatedly and that he also made inappropriate remarks and physical advances.

The new complaint added to this lawsuit is the seventh complaint and it alleges that all defendants negligently breached the Duty of Due Care, exposing Tennant to physical and emotional damages.

These new allegations allow Tennant’s legal team to add other defendants in the future who played a role in exposing her to Walton’s action.

An L.A. based attorney told the Sacramento Bee that could mean the NBA, the Warriors
and the Lakers could be named in this lawsuit as well but we don’t know for sure if that’s
going to happen yet.

That same attorney said even if she doesn’t add additional defendants to the lawsuit, adding this seventh complaint could increase chances of the jury ruling in her favor.

The King’s and the NBA have hired outside experts to conduct an independent investigation into these claims but it’s not clear when that investigation will be done.

Experts believe this lawsuit could drag on for potentially four or five years.

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