New Book Offers Window into Charles Manson’s Prison Life

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Charles Manson is an infamous criminal, master manipulator, and sociopath. He was known for leading a group of people to commit several murders including the brutal slaying of actress Sharon Tate in 1969.

Many have written books about Manson, but never has one been written from behind bars – until now.

“Willie and I tried to describe him as best as possible as he is without commentary without trying to interpret but tell the stories,” said Mark Hewitt.

Hewitt recently wrote “Charles Manson Behind Bars,” a book that tells stories of Manson through Guillermo Mendez, a prisoner whose cell was next to Manson for over a year.

The book details Mendez’s encounters with Manson revealing intimate jailhouse secrets.

“I kept requesting that Willie send me more stories and asked him provocative questions like, ‘what was the strangest thing that Manson ever did when you saw him?'” said Hewitt.

Manson talks openly about his sexuality and details of the Tate and La Bianca murders. He also talks about a time he was forced to wear a dress to school.

“There is nothing more important to Charlie than Charlie,” said Hewitt. “He is a completely self-serving self-promoter.

While the book does not glorify nor vilify Manson, Hewitt says he wrote it for others to gain a better understanding of human behavior before passing judgment.

“Charles Manson Behind Bars” can be order at any major bookstore and

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