Shootout in North Highlands over Pot Plants

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You’ve probably seen one of those signs on a lawn that reads: “No trespassing, armed, you will be shot.” Well, 26-year-old Miguel Granados surely wasn’t kidding when he put it on the lawn.

It’s in plain sight, warning trespassers.

Across the street, neighbor Maria Vidican says she heard “pop, pop, pop, pop, really loud” this morning. Just like the sign forewarned, it’s exactly what happened — an early morning shootout in North Highlands off of Larry Avenue.

“I was the first one that heard the gunshots.” says Rebeca Aldea.

At 7 a.m. this morning, Maria and her niece peeped through their living room blinds. “I was terrified,”  says Aldea.

Vidican squats down to show us how she and her niece ducked from the gunshots. “We were … looking and trying to make sure he didn’t see [us].”

But the two saw everything. Police told FOX40 they believe a man tried to steal pot plants out of Granados’ backyard. From what we could tell, the plants weren’t hard too find,  they were visible right from the street. But, neighbors say Granados didn’t seem to happy about the thief and ran outside.

“He was siting with a shotgun on the lawn,” says neighbor and witness Ted Pangel. Pangel says Granados was yelling at the trespasser “I’m gonna shoot you, I’m gonna shoot you.”

The intruder ran down the block as the two fired shots back and forth at each other. Granados was arrested on two felonies, one for negligent discharge of a firearm and a second for child endangerment.

It is legal to fire a gun on your own property in California, but only when you feel your life might be in danger.

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