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OAKDALE — An Oakdale man recovering from a traumatic brain injury has been making slow but steady progress in the seven weeks that he’s been home.

FOX40 was in Oakdale back in December for Eric Peterson’s emotional homecoming.

The now 26-year-old spent four years in a Utah hospital after a horrible crash.

In 2012, Peterson was rear-ended at a stop sign. The driver who hit him was accused of stealing a police car and driving it under the influence.

At the time, Peterson was appointed a court ordered professional legal guardian because his parents did not have steady finances. Peterson’s guardian said he had a hard time finding a hospital in the Sacramento area that could care for his critical injuries.

However, since Peterson was cleared to come home in December, his family says he has been in much better spirits and is seeing a physical therapist.

His family has been having a difficult time taking him to regular doctors visits, and brining him along on family outings because he can’t walk and the family doesn’t have a wheel chair accessible van.

That’s where they’re hoping the community can help.

“We still have a dilemma. Not only did they send him home broken, they sent him home penniless. And we’ve started a go fund me account for him. So that he can go to doctors appointments. Or go grocery shopping. So he’s not a prisoner in his own house,” Eric’s uncle and caretaker Gary Peterson said.

If you would like to help Eric Peterson in his journey to recovery, you can visit his Go Fund Me account ONE MAN’S WISH

Youn can also follow Eric Peterson’s progress on Facebook at: ERIC PETERSON FACEBOOK