On Easter, Google’s Doodle Celebrates … Cesar Chavez

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cesarchavez(LA Times) — He was the leader of a movement that inspired the downtrodden all across the land, but not the one whom some expected to grace Easter Sunday’s Google doodle.

On Sunday, Google’s doodle over its search bar featured a beatific portrait of Mexican American labor icon Cesar E. Chavez — rather than a celebration of Easter, the day Jesus rose from the grave. That riled some Christians and Easter fans for what they perceived as a slight. (See a selection of tweets below.)

Chavez, who died in 1993, would have been 86 on Sunday. (Read his obituary in the Los Angeles Times here; see The Times’ photos of him here.) The state of California has declared March 31 of every year to be Cesar Chavez Day.

Jesus has Chavez beat in the messiah-beloved-by-many department, but the son of migrant laborers is no slouch. His home is a national historic site, he has his own national monument, and his name graces streets and schools all around the country, including in Los Angeles. Some followers compare him to Gandhi.


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