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FAIRFIELD, Calif. (KRON) — Police have recovered 216 marijuana plants and over 250 pounds of processed marijuana from an illegal grow site at a residence in Fairfield, according to a statement from Fairfield Police Department.

FPD says it received anonymous tips from residents in the area concerning a possible illegal marijuana grow at a home on the 1600 block of Kentucky Street, less than half a mile west of Fairfield Elementary School. Police began an investigation and procured a search warrant for the property and residence.

The warrant was served on Oct. 20 just after 3 p.m. by FPD’s Special Operations Team and Patrol. Police say their initial entry into the property was blocked by a pit bull guarding the home. A Humane Animal Services officer responded to the scene and removed the pit bull as well as six other dogs.

One officer entered the property, they say they found a total of 216 marijuana plants around the residence as well as about 250 pounds of processed marijuana. Inside the home, more marijuana was recovered along with two Glock-style handguns and a short barrel AR-15 rifle, according to FPD.

Guns recovered at the scene (Courtesy of Fairfield Police Department)

Police say it took several truckloads to remove all of the plants from the property, some of which were as big as eight feet tall. The odor from the plants was strong enough to be recognized at least a block away, and police say it was causing a “quality of life issue” for other residents nearby.

After the removal, the house was then red tagged by code enforcement for various violations. FPD says this is an active investigation and no further information will be shared at this time.