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*WARNING: The following video and story contains strong language.*

RANCHO CORDOVA — A local family took their daughter out of her middle school after they say she was the victim of bullying that turned physical two times.

“These are kind of life-altering decisions … we just want her in school. Its really not fair to her, or to all the other students who have to suffer and most of them just don’t say anything,” Brent Lewis said.

Brent told FOX40 he reported the bullying to officials at Mills Middle School in Rancho Cordova twice.

He said that on September 23, one of the students there elbowed his 10-year-old daughter McKenzie in  her in the stomach. They say the blow landed her in the hospital for four days, partially because her mid section was already weak from a previous surgery where most of her pancreas was removed.

The second incident, happened on October 6, when Lewis said his daughter was hit in the face.

“I’ve been bullied most of my life and I just can’t take it anymore,” McKenzie Lewis said.

Though McKenzie had no visible bumps or bruises, the harsh words used against her might have caused the most damage.

She and her father showed FOX40 three offensive notes another student allegedly wrote to McKenzie. They said they turned those into school officials over a month ago but that not much was done.

“One of them said ‘You best not look at me or I’ll beat your ass.’ Another one said ‘You’re a bitch. And you know you’re ugly, right?'” Brent said.

“They’ve said awful things to me, ‘You should go die, kill yourself, you don’t fit in cause you’re too skinny’,” McKenzie said.

McKenzie and her father wanted to share the severity of the bullying to show how vulgar and hurtful children her age can be.

“You know these kids need help, not punishment and discipline,” Brent said.

But the Folsom Cordova School District confirmed that it did in fact discipline a student for one of McKenzie’s claims that she was hit in the face.

“Evidence was found to corroborate what happened and student discipline was administered,” Folsom Cordova Schools Spokesperson Daniel Thigpen said.

Thigpen said though McKenzie’s claim that a fellow student elbowed her in the stomach, sending her to the hospital was investigated, the district did not find any witnesses or evidence to corroborate that claim.

Thigpen added that he could not identify the student who was disciplined or specify how they were disciplined. However, he said in any similar case of bullying or abuse, the accused student could face suspension or expulsion.

“We don’t want any student to feel so unsafe as to not come to school,” Thigpen said.

But Brent said he had already taken McKenzie out of the school and planned to home school her.

“She’s the reason I wanted to change for the positive. You know? She’s our light here in the house and for someone to be killing that, it hurts. It hurts us all,” Brent said.

McKenzie said the bullies were hurting themselves in the long run.

“I feel that now they’re isolating kids, but later in life they’ll be isolated because nobody wants to be around them because they’re mean,” McKenzie said.