Parking Nightmare: Hourlong Standoff for Spot in LA’s Koreatown Captured on Video

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Parking in Los Angeles can be a nightmare, according to FOX40 sister station KTLA, but it can be particularly rough in Koreatown where two drivers recently stood their ground for a prime parking spot in the congested neighborhood.

The whole debacle was captured from a nearby window and hilariously documented on social media by Twitter user @Mrhflrs, aka “chicken tikka mariah.”

It began at about 6:30 p.m.

In her narration, “chicken tikka mariah” assumes that the driver in the black car saw the spot after driving past it and silver car’s driver went in for it in a “classic box in.”

The stubborn motorists were blocking traffic, prompting a “symphony of angry horns.”

“If this were some type of sport I’d imagine we’re nearing halftime,” she notes about 6:55 p.m.  “Sun goes down in less than 30, also parking spot had opened up across the street put seems like this is more about the principle.”

At one point, “chicken tikka mariah” presents a poll question asking if the viewer is “team black car or team silver car.”

A little more than an hour into the standoff there’s a “plot twist:” A car parked ahead of the black car moves, leaving enough space for both of drivers. At this point, she says “Oh, my God!”

Both cars eventually park, one in front of the other, but neither get out, leading “chicken tikka mariah” to wonder “Are they afraid of each other or is it just awkward now?”

She then presents a new poll question, asking viewers who they believe might leave first.

Several minutes later, she declares “Silver takes gold!” after the silver car’s driver gets out first.

In the end, our trusty narrator left a note on both drivers’ windshields, encouraging them to email her for their side of the story.

The tweets have gotten a lot of attention since the great parking battle of 2019. Even Chrissy Teigen chimed in, calling out the silver car.

“He passed it on purpose. TO PARALLEL PARK. anyone saying silver car – U ARE A MEAN AND BAD DRIVER!” Teigen tweeted.

As our trusty narrator would say: “Petty level 6000 unlocked.”


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