Penryn Couple Continues to Raise Money for Flood-Stricken Colorado Ranch

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Kim Tarabetz and her husband arrived in Loveland, Colorado on Monday Sept. 9. There was some rain, but what they did not know was that the rain would not stop and would eventually lead to mass flooding.

Roughly 200 miles were under water and eight people were reported dead.

“Within 15 minutes coming into the dinning room you could see the water was continuing to rise,” said Tarabetz. “In a matter of just a few minutes, it went from a dry patio to water on the patio outside to water in the kitchen.”

It was the hospitality and warmth of the Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch the Tarabetz’ were staying at that left a lasting impression.

“They were still worried about us and making us breakfast. Asking what can we do for you, how can we take care of you,” said Tarabetz.

While Tarabetz made it back to California safely, she could not help but think of her new friends and their ranch, now damaged and destroyed.

“It was very hard to leave because you felt like you wanted to stay and help,” said Tarabetz.

Terabetz used her tech save skills to start an online fundraiser and in two weeks has raised nearly $30,000.

“This was to give a way for people who have been there who have the interest or ability to give,” said Tarabetz.

The estimated cost to rebuild the ranch is in the millions. To make a donation, log into

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