(KTXL) — The amount of rain and snow California has received since late December has had a visible effect on the state.

The National Weather Service shared two images of the state. One was taken on Dec. 16 and the other on Jan. 17.

“You can see these changes in the MODIS images with the rivers running higher, greener lower elevations, and an increase in the snow pack,” the NWS said.

Since Dec. 26, the NWS said the valley has received 8 to 10 inches of rain, with 20 to 30 inches in the foothills. And in the Sierra, there was 10 to 15 feet of snowfall.

The Jan. 17 photo shows the impact of the snowfall, with much more of the mountains being covered. Roads were covered in snow as well, with snow often stacked on either side.

California will soon be getting some sunny weather after weeks of continued storms.