Pokemon Go Gamers Causing Problems for Modesto Cemetery

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MODESTO — Pokemon Go players come in cars, their phones on and ready for action. Or sometimes they walk onto the Modesto Pioneer and Modesto Citizens Cemeteries along Scenic Drive. Either way, they ignore signs or don’t see signs marked ‘no trespassing’ and ‘private property’ in search of virtual monsters.

Cemetery supervisor Timothy Copenhaver told FOX40 Pokemon Go players have created problems, “They don’t care. They’re here for one thing and that’s to play some silly game that they’re not getting anything out of.”

He added, since the game launched almost two weeks ago, Pokemon hunters have disrupted funeral services, littered, and trespassed, “Sad thing is about a week ago I was here at 8 o’clock at night, we ran everybody out, within 15 minutes of the cops leaving everybody was back.

Drivers we spoke with claim they had no idea the cemetery is off limits to the public.

“First time I did this so I didn’t know that people are getting in trouble for this,” a driver named Jose said.

Frustrated, the supervisor has contacted the Modesto Police Department for help and will take other measures.

“There is a no trespassing order signed with the police department so that means you can’t be in here at all after 8 o’clock,” Copenhaver said.

They may also place bigger, bolder ‘no trespassing’ signs throughout the cemetery.

He has also told Pokemon enthusiasts the cemetery is hallowed not hunting grounds. A woman he spoke with on Tuesday drove off but Copenhaver is certain he’ll see another driver, another gamer, focused on their phone and not the tombstones, nor the signs.

“Really makes me mad because you know we’re not trying to be mean we just want people to understand that we are a business. This is not a park, this is not a playground,” Copenhaver said.

He also said that he has asked the Pokemon Go company to remove the stops from their game, he said he has not heard back from them.

If you’re caught trespassing onto the cemetery after dark, Modesto police officers can arrest you.

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