Police, College Students on High Alert after an Increase in Spiked Drink Reports in Downtown Davis

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DAVIS — Every weekend in downtown Davis the streets are abuzz with people trying to get another kind of buzz.

“It’s fun to go out and experience the nightlife here,” UC Davis senior Gretchen Peckler said.

Safety is always top of mind for Peckler, especially after hearing reports that at least six women’s drinks were drugged over the last two months in Davis.

“You have to watch out for so much already. This is just another thing you have to be careful of,” Peckler said. “Every time it just makes you a little more scared.”

“They had consumed some alcohol but their physical responses were way out of context for what they had consumed,” Davis Police Department Deputy Chief Paul Doroshov explained.

The women either passed out or couldn’t remember their nights. Police said at least three of those reports lead to sexual assault investigations.

“Our theory is that it does happen. But since the last story ran there’s more awareness so we’re probably getting more reports,” Doroshov said.

These reports are coming after police say three students were roofied back in May, all out at downtown bars. Investigators are still working to narrow down exactly where the latest incidents happened.

“Some took place downtown at the bars. We really can’t pinpoint an establishment. Most of the victims said they went to several bars that night. One was at a fraternity party,” Doroshov said.

While they look for whoever is responsible, police hope anyone going out will make sure to keep an eye on their drinks and always use the buddy system.

“If you feel some weird effects from anything, your friend can intervene and take care of you,” Doroshov suggested.

Bars are also working to make sure security guards like Ivan Cleveland, who has 20 years experience as a bouncer in Davis, keep watch.

“Have roamers, is what we call them, go around and just be aware of who is actually intoxicated. Why is that drink just sitting there by itself, who does it belong to,” Cleveland said.

Police provide training for bars twice a year to deal with all kinds of safety issues and say watching out for drugs being put in drinks will be a main focus moving forward.

Peckler hopes it’ll make a difference.

“It just sucks to think that anything like that even happens here,” Peckler said.

UC Davis has tips online for safety resources for students.


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