Police Detail What Happened in Jack in the Box Hostage Standoff

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Xang Khang, 26. (Department of Motor Vehicles)


Sacramento Police released more details Monday afternoon from the weekend’s hostage standoff inside a Jack in the Box restaurant.

The gunman, 26-year-old Xang Khang, walked into the Folsom Boulevard restaurant and grabbed an 11-year-old girl by the hair and pointed a gun at the girl’s father. He threatened to kill them both. Khang let the girl go and ordered the father to the front counter.

Once the man was at the counter, Khang walked into the kitchen area. The man and his family then had enough time to escape unharmed. Eight other customers and employees were also able to run out.

Police say Khang’s motive is unknown. He had more than enough time to take money from the registers before officers responded, but didn’t. Since Khang stayed in the restaurant the whole time and was shot and killed by a SWAT officer, investigators may never know what his motive was.

Khang was seen smoke “what appeared to be narcotics” by witnesses, police say. He is said to have been “extremely hostile, unpredictable and violent” during the ordeal. Khang reportedly hit one of the hostages several times.

Khang was killed when he became separated from the hostage he was using as a human shield. SWAT officers used the opportunity to fire their rifles at him. Six officers are on paid administrative leave after the incident.


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