Police Investigate After Passenger in Car Fires Shots at Two Men in North Highlands

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NORTH HIGHLANDS — Police are investigating a shooting in North Highlands that happened near the intersection of Wings and Watt avenues on Monday. Neighbors say it started when two men confronted the driver of a car who was speeding.

The intersection is closed down this evening while police work — but people who live in the area say plenty of nights there are drivers who come through that same intersection way too fast.

“Is there a speeding problem?” FOX40 asked neighbor Victor Hall.

“Well there’s a problem with a couple of people,” he said.

A few months ago, one of those speeding cars even ran over a neighborhood cat. So when one of the same cars came through the intersection again Monday, two men who live nearby had had enough.

“They were going about 50 miles an hour. They ran the stop sign right here,” one neighbor said.

This man has asked us to hide his identity, he’s worried about what might happen to him for complaining about the speeder, and for good reason, considering what just did happen to him and his friend this evening when they yelled at the driver to slow down.

“By the time I had finished speaking, the other guy pulled out a gun,” he said.

He says the car’s passenger opened fire, shooting one man in the leg. He says they even threw a chair from the car as it sped away.

“It’s not like it used to be, nobody comes to talk to you man-to-man. They just pull out a gun and shoot you without questions asked,” he said.

At last check, Sacramento police were still searching for the gunman.

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