SACRAMENTO COUNTY, Calif. (KTXL) — Two men are dead after two separate shootings that authorities believe are related.

Authorities said a group of at least 20 men was gathered at Fair Oaks Park Monday evening to play sports when a man with a gun walked up and fired multiple shots, killing one of the men.

Authorities said the shooter, later identified as Jerzain Trenado Orozco, then ran across the park but was chased by a witness of the initial shooting.

The witness caught up to the Orozco down the street from the park on Madison Avenue, pulled out a gun, and shot him, according to authorities.

Authorities believe the shooters were familiar with each other.

“This is not a random event. These people know each other. We’re still investigating how they know each other,” said Lt. Jason Baldwin with the Citrus Heights Police Department.

“We have got many witnesses. More than 20-25 witnesses that we’re talking to, canvassing this area, collecting evidence, all sorts of things. So there is ample eyewitnesses to this,” added Sgt. Rodney Grassman with the Sacramento County sheriff’s Office.

The first shooting in the park took place in the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office’s jurisdiction and the other shooting that happened down the street falls under the Citrus Height Police Department’s jurisdiction, so both agencies are investigating the incident.