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A woman who worked as a counselor for a local children’s shelter was arrested for sexual assault of one of the residents, police announced Thursday.

Sacramento Police and the Department of Social Services began their investigation into 24-year-old Theresa Gooch back in June. Investigators say they found that Gooch had an illicit relationship with a 16-year-old girl living at the Children’s Receiving Home along Auburn Boulevard – a shelter where Gooch worked as a counselor.

The alleged relationship had been going on from September of last year to February. The home notes that Gooch no longer works at the facility.

“The person no longer works at our agency and we are cooperating with all appropriate regulatory and law enforcement agencies to resolve this issue,” said David Ballard, CEO of Children’s Receiving Home.

Police say that the investigation into Gooch was prompted after she was found to have inappropriately touched the girl.

Gooch was arrested on Wednesday after detectives obtained a warrant for her arrest from the District Attorney’s office. She now faces multiple sex offenses, including molestation of a minor.