2012 Results at a Glance

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Here is a list of where to find California election results for various races around the state.

Proposition 30 – Would raise taxes to fund education.

Proposition 31 – Would make state budget due every two years.

Proposition 32 – Unions would no longer be allowed to take money from workers’ paychecks to donate to political campaigns.

Proposition 33 – Would allow auto insurance companies to set prices based on customers’ previous coverage.

Proposition 34 – Would repeal death penalty.

Proposition 35 – Would bring tougher penalties against human traffickers.

Proposition 36 – Would revise California’s three strikes law.

Proposition 37 – Would require genetically modified foods to be labeled as such.

Proposition 38 – Would raise taxes to fund education, trumps Prop. 30.

Proposition 39 – Would close “loophole” that rewards businesses for moving jobs out of state.

Proposition 40 – Would nullify state senate redistricting plan.

Stockton Mayoral Race – Ann Johnston vs. Anthony Silva

California Congressional District 7 – Ami Bera (D) vs. Dan Lungren (R)

California Congressional District 9 – Jerry McNerney (D) vs. Ricky Gill (R)

California Congressional District 10 – Jose Hernandez (D) vs. Jeff Denham (R)

City and County Races

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