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LOOMIS — Rep. Tom McClintock, R-Calif., once again held a town hall meeting with his constituents Saturday.

While there were many issues he has agreed with President Donald Trump on, he actually criticized Trump for not getting congressional approval for the Syrian missile strikes.

Saturday at Del Oro High School’s gymnasium, McClintock got at least one standing ovation for that.

“The founders were very clear the president has the authority to conduct military operations once the Congress has authorized it,” McClintock told FOX40.

But he didn’t get much fanfare for the rest of the town hall. On other topics such as health care and immigration, many people felt McClintock dodged questions.

“Very disappointing; he doesn’t answer the questions, he doesn’t listen, he has a prepared answer for everything,” said Pat Berg, from Lincoln.

One of McClintock’s supporters told FOX40 she thought the crowd was less than 30 percent conservative.

“I don’t know if I’ll come to another one because I’ve never seen such rude behavior from people in my life,” said Linda Arnold, from Auburn. “You ask a question, let him answer it.”

At one point many attendees simultaneously walked out.

“He is just not responsive, not answering, so we just left,” said Roza Calderon, from Granite Bay.

“But just because they don’t like my opinion doesn’t mean I’m not listening to them,” McClintock told FOX40 he actually enjoys these town hall meetings. “I think it makes me a better representative to take those concerns into account.”

One person who is also listening to what McClintock had to say is the man who he could be running against in 2018.

“He’s lost touch with what’s going on outside of Washington, and that’s unfortunate,” said Democrat Charlie Brown ran and lost the 4th District in 2006 and 2008, losing the latter race to McClintock.

But now, especially after seeing how many people are voicing their disapproval of McClintock, Brown is seriously considering another run against him.

“He is on the budget committee, yet we don’t have a budget, we continue to have continuing resolutions,” Brown said. “Do your job Tom. Don’t quit putting it off on the President.”

Meanwhile McClintock said the town hall meetings have not discouraged him from seeking re-election.