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SACRAMENTO — California  Attorney General Xavier Becerra has announced that the state justice department will not file criminal charges in the fatal police shooting of Stephon Clark.

Becerra made the announcement late Tuesday morning at the California Department of Justice. He began with words of sympathy toward Clark’s family, whom he met with prior to addressing reporters.

“A mother lost her son,” he said. “Two young boys lost their father. Two grandparents lost their grandson in their own backyard.”

Becerra then explained what went into his office’s independent investigation into the shooting, which came at the request of Sacramento Police Chief Daniel Hahn, saying it focused on facts and evidence from a situation that unfolded over 22 minutes last March in South Sacramento’s Meadowview neighborhood.

“We did it by the book,” Becerra said.

Becerra said the two officers feared for their lives, believing Clark had a gun as he moved toward them.

His announcement comes just three days after Sacramento District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert made the decision not to file charges against the two Sacramento officers who shot Clark.

In late January, Becerra delivered a nearly 100-page report detailing recommendations for reforms within the Sacramento Police Department to Chief Hahn. Becerra said a more comprehensive report would be coming soon.

While his criminal investigation is complete, Becerra says his commitment to cultivating trust between police and the community is just beginning — and he wants to be involved in the changes.

“I don’t intend to be AWOL when it comes to the discussion on how we write these new chapters,” he said.

In the wake of both announcements, activists have been pushing for Assembly Bill 392 — which would limit when police officers can use lethal force.

Demonstrators have been marching and protesting in Clark’s name since Schubert’s announcement.

Monday night, the Sacramento Police Department detained 85 — 83 were cited and released, one was released without a citation — people in East Sacramento during a march for Clark. Among those detained were clergy members and journalists.

One person was arrested and booked on a weapons charge.

The department said seven cars were vandalized during the march.