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(KTXL) — Former President Donald Trump announced on Tuesday that he will run for president for the third time. He made the announcement at a gathering at his South Florida Mar-A-Lago club, where he has also been primarily living since the end of his sole presidential term.

In the time since some of California’s political leaders have published reactions on social media or in written statements.

Notably, Gov. Gavin Newsom, who spent Trump’s presidency criticizing him, has not issued any statement.

U.S. Senator Alex Padilla

“Donald Trump undermined our democracy. His announcement should in no way impede the multiple investigations into him, his campaign, his businesses, and his former administration. No one is above the law.”

Attorney General Rob Bonta

“Twice-impeached. Two-time loser of the popular vote. Target of civil & criminal investigations. Inciter of insurrection. Propagator of the Big Lie (and many other lies). Nahh…In America, we do democracy & progress, not ego-driven unmitigated disaster.

Assemblymember Ash Kalra

“Bro, read the room.”

Assemblymember Suzette Valladares

“I’ve seen this show before and it’s a NO from me. The ugliness and toxicity must end. On all sides. We need a Great Unifier. Someone young. Someone with empathy. Someone new.”

Assemblymember Isaac Bryan

“’No Thanks’. Sincerely, All of us.”

Assemblymember Chad Mayes