Columnist says Harris suspending campaign was good timing

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — California Sen. Kamala Harris is officially out of the 2020 race to the White House. Harris suspended her campaign Tuesday morning, saying she simply does not have enough financial support to continue. The announcement also came after weeks of speculation and several former staffers airing grievances in the media about the way the campaign was run. “I’ve taken stock and I’ve looked at this from every angle and over the last few days, I have come to one of the hardest decisions of my life,” Harris said in an announcement video posted online. “It is with deep regret, but also with deep gratitude, that I am suspending our campaign today.” Cal Matters columnist Dan Walters said Harris’ decision wasn’t surprising to him and said he believes money was not the only issue with her campaign. “A lot of organizational bickering back and forth between her sister who was kind of in charge and the campaign manager who was kind of in charge and it was not really sure who was really in charge,” Walters told FOX40. While Walters said Harris did well early on, he said she has had issues connecting with voters throughout her career. “What is she really about? Why does she really want to be president other than just another step on the ladder? And she really couldn’t tell people that,” Walters said. Walters said he believes if she had stayed in the race, it could have weakened her 2022 Senate reelection campaign. “The weakness she has shown in presidential politics could encourage people to try and take her on in 2022,” Walters said. “So she’s got to do some fence-mending and kind of get back if she indeed wants to stay in the Senate, which one presumes she does.”


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